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About Us

Our mission is to help every individual that we serve gain their highest level of independence and potential with happiness and dignity. .


Our vision is based on our four core values: Personal Growth, Communication, Integrity and Member/Provider Quality.

How did you come up with these core values?

These are our goals and objectives believed to be the building blocks to our company’s philosophy. We came up with these 4 specific values when analyzing other companies offering similar services in the market who lack these values to form our own. These values are created make known that we put our employees and members above all else because we value our both equally.

  • Personal Growth: We strive to aid and care for our members to achieve their goals in order to live life to their fullest life potential.

  • Effective Communication: Encourage and promote open, continuous and transparent communication between members, their families, providers, management and other stakeholders.

  • Integrity: Provide honest and dependable service with capabilities to be accountable for every action made.​

  • Client/Provider Quality: Offer excellent service from well-qualified and well-trained providers for our members.

Our Team

Connie T., MBA, SLP-A/L


Bethany T., B.S. 

VP of Finance

Hadley L.

Social Media/Marketing Intern

Brittany R., BS, RRT-NPS

Operations Management 

Heather L.

Chair Board of Directors

Kaitlyn O., B.S., SLP/A-L 

Lead Direct Care Trainer

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