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Our Services

Speech Therapy/Teletherapy

Speech therapy provides one-on-one sessions that targets individual speech goals that may include but are not limited to articulation, expressive/receptive speech, fluency, pragmatics, social communication, cognitive abilities and resonance. 


Habilitation services works with the individual one-on-one on their personalized Individual Service Plan (ISP) that may assist them to attain or improve skills and functioning for daily living. These goals may include and are not limited to areas in communication, socialization, gross and fine motor, cognitive and adaptive behavior.


Respite services provides short-term care and supervision for the client in order to offer their parents or caregivers a short-period of rest or relief. This gives the parents or caregivers a break to do everyday activities that may be difficult or unable to do with the member.


Attendant Care

Services needed in order for a member to remain in his/her home. These services may include supervision, help with personal care needs, meal preparation/feeding, and household duties.

Community Outings

Community outings ​are held every month so that our members and their families can partake in interactive activities and events around the valley. These outings help build pragmatic skills, increase confidence, and be a part of a supportive community.

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